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Revival Tabernacle
 129 Big Hill Ave. Richmond, KY 40475


Revival Tabernacle was started in December of 2010 with only a handful of people in a little house meeting just outside of Berea, Ky. God immediately put His approval on it and we have had to move five times since. The building we now occupy was acquired by one of the greatest miracles I’ve ever seen or heard of. A brother I had never met, in obedience to Christ, bought it for us. We are paying him rent until we can get into a position, financially, to buy it back. In a year and a half, God has given us a 10,000 square foot building, 3 houses, a 66 passenger bus, 15 passenger van, and a Ford Expedition.

We are now averaging about 150 in total attendance at our Sunday afternoon service. The numbers themselves don’t really impress us, but the people they represent do. Our church is filling up with the broken and hurting. Souls are being saved almost every service. God is breaking down some of the racial barriers that exist in Madison County! It’s nothing uncommon to see black, white, and Hispanic saints all worshiping together. We are literally changing the moral climate of entire communities (all the glory be to God).

Revival Tabernacle’s heart is set on helping those that cannot help themselves. We are located in a very poor city and within this city are a great deal of children that are going without the basics of life, much more those things that would be considered simple pleasures.

We suffer from a terrible drug and alcohol epidemic. There are a great many of our brothers and sisters who are chained by addiction to such a degree that all government help is immediately squandered away–traded for drugs. It is nothing uncommon for a parent to receive $700.00 in food stamps and sell them for $350.00 cash and then spend it all buying drugs. Very often the money that was traded for food stamps is gone in a matter of three or four days. Unfortunately, it is the children of these addicts that suffer from this travesty the most which is why  we have set our sights on them, vowing–by God’s grace–to do whatever we can to find those in need and meet their needs.

Every Sunday at one o’clock we feed anywhere from fifty to seventy-five children either hamburgers, hotdogs, spaghetti, Sloppy Joe’s or pizza! We try to feed them until they can not eat any more because we know it is probably the only time some of them are going to be able to enjoy that type of meal.

Every Saturday we go into the projects, ghettos, and crack alleys knocking doors, passing out tracts and fliers, and often grilling hotdogs and hamburgers feeding as many people as we can, spreading the love of God to a dark world. People all over the world have been moved and challenged by what God is doing here. He is using us to demonstrate that a church can be more than an organization-it can be a living, breathing organism!


Our mission is to reach the least, the last, and the lost! It’s that simple! The truth is Revival Tabernacle cares about you and what you are going through. We know that everyone of us are a total mess without Christ and because of that revelation our greatest desire is to be His hands and feet; to stretch a hand of love out to the broken. We don’t care what you’ve done, where you’ve come from, or what you look like when you get here ... just come! I can assure you that you will not leave the same way you came-In Jesus’ mighty name! It is becoming a well-known fact that our church is more addictive than crack cocaine or meth ... one hit and your hooked. No, we’re not the greatest singers and don’t claim to have the greatest preachers that have ever lived, but no one will ever love you more than we will. We know that it is Christ that is all in all and we love telling people about Him! We are a conservative Pentecostal church that knows a real life of holiness isn’t harsh and mean, destroying people, but is loving, kind, and approachable! Think about it! Whether He was in a house, sitting on a hillside, or standing on a ship, men were attracted to Jesus and a genuine Christian life will do the same thing today! The living Christ in a living church will attract people! Our church may not be perfect, but Jesus comes to every service and when He’s in the house anything is possible!


Our vision is to bring the broken and bruised to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, regardless of color, nationality, or financial status. We are doing this by offering the following services:

1. Weekly worship and teaching services where the love of God is put on display and the Word of God is preached and taught with power and without compromise!

2. An exciting Children’s program that teaches children Biblically sound moral principles, enabling them to break the cycle of drug addiction and crime that is destroying our community. Do you have a little one that we can bring to church? Call us and we’ll pick them up, feed them, and bring them back home safe, sound, and full of God’s Word!

3. An intense outreach program that is persistent and enduring. We desire to become a permanent fixture in your life. Will you let us?

4. To offer social services (food, clothing, etc.) to those in need. We will do this by either providing them ourselves, or attempting to connect you with those that have the resources to do so.

5. A drug rehabilitation program that offers a Biblically sound solution to addiction and godly counselors who provide accountability.
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