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About Us

About us

REVIVAL TABERNACLE was founded in December of 2010 by Pastor David and April Lamb with only a handful of people in a little house meeting just outside of Berea, Ky.
Our foundational vision was to reach the least, the last, and the lost with the gospel, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. That vision is unfolding as we continue to see the lost saved in our streets and on our altars. Our congregation consists of a diversity of race, culture, denominational, and social backgrounds.
As a full-Gospel, mission minded church, we emphasize the risen Christ as Lord, Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and soon coming King. The power of Pentecost and world evangelization of the early church was based upon the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ. They changed their world through the power of the Holy Spirit and the uncompromised truth of the gospel. We feel that our legacy should be the same.

Mission Statement

The mission of REVIVAL TABERNACLE is to reach the least, the last, and the lost for Jesus Christ. It is our desire to change the very moral climate of our community by becoming the community’s church. As it was–and is–Jesus’ mission to seek and to save the lost, He passed that mission onto us in the Great Commission (Lk 19:10, Mr 16:15). We will, therefore, be missionaries to our streets,  as well as to all streets of every nation (as much as is possible).

The priority of REVIVAL TABERNACLE is to be the living body of Jesus Christ on earth (1Co 10:17). We will allow the light of Christ to shine through us to our local community, and to the world. As Jesus lives through us, our lives should attract those who do not know Christ as Savior, even as multitudes were drawn to Him in His early pilgrimage. (Mt 5:14-16)
Vision Statement

The vision of Revival Tabernacle is three-fold: Education, Edification, and Commission.

1. To have a congregation that is Scripturally based and founded on the Lord Jesus Christ,  not on man-made doctrines or traditions of men which make the commandments of God void and of none effect in our lives.

2. To offer weekly worship and teaching services where the love of God is put on display and the Word of God is preached/taught with power and without compromise!

3. To offer an exciting children’s program, teaching children Biblically-sound moral principles, enabling them to break the cycle of drug addiction and crime that is destroying our community.
4. To establish and maintain Bible and training schools.


1. To be a place where believers can meet to worship God, be encouraged, be edified, established and settled in their faith.

2. To be a place of safety and refuge for believers and the lost alike.


1. To find and bring the broken, bruised lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, regardless of color, nationality, or financial status.
2. To be a home base of outreach as we operate as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to our community.

3. To offer social services (food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc.) to those in need by either providing the resources ourselves or connecting them with those that have the resources to do so.
4.To start and/or maintain charitable institutions, such as transitional housing, drug rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, homes for the aged, homes for the battered women, rest homes for ministers and missionaries, orphanages, cemeteries, and kindred institutions.
5. To start, promote and maintain churches/missions in the United States of America and foreign lands that promote both righteousness and outreach.
6. To ordain, license, and otherwise qualify ministers to preach the Gospel–also providing credentials for the same.

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